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Olkiluoto 3 Nuclear Power Plant, Finland

Source: TVO

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Hong Kong International Airport

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Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi

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Bangkok International Airport

QSi brings Quality, Specialism and Integrity

QSi Consultancy Group is a specialist international consultancy providing professional services including: commercial management, claims handling, programming and dispute resolution services to the construction industry, with a particular focus on nuclear and conventional power.

Our consultants have collective experience in over 30 countries around the globe on major projects including; nuclear and conventional power plants, oil and gas, airports, railways, tunnels and highways, high-rise towers, hotels, museums, marine works, ship building, amongst others.

We can facilitate project objectives by identifying and minimising both commercial and schedule risks. In the event of disputes, we provide professional claims preparation and defence services with the ultimate objective of dispute resolution. QSi also provides infrastructure related security and risk consultancy services.

QSI’s dedicated consultants are client focused and apply high professional and ethical standards to all assignments, whilst working towards optimal commercial solutions and risk management.

The QSi Consultancy Group has operations in both Europe and the Middle East and is served by its three main offices in the U.K., U.A.E and in Finland.


QSi Consultancy Group is a founding member of NIMBLE, an alliance of legal, contract management, delay analysis and quantum specialists aiming at providing its clients with comprehensive legal and contract solutions during the life-cycle of their projects.